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Review: IntelliScore WAV to MIDI converter
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This review regarding converting WAV to MIDI with intelliScore
was originally published on AlmadenTimes.

Best music recognition system is here

The people at Innovative Music Systems have done something that previously was not possible. Their new IntelliScore Music Recognition System instantly converts music CDs to MIDI data! Now you donít have to tediously enter part-by-part of your song into a MIDI notation software program. Implement the intelliScore software, throw in any standard notation program, and wow... you have your song in musical score!

I recently tried this with my favorite song, Dave Brubeck Quartetís Take Five. I wanted to write a tribute to Dave and give it to him during an interview session I had planned. I wanted to use similar chord progressions with a new melody. I loaded the program in my computerís CD-ROM and the program automatically converted the recorded music on a CD (*.WAV files) to standard MIDI data (*.MID files). The advanced polyphonic version, with its 95 multi-tumbrel filters, really solves the problem of tedious keyboard data entry, which until now has been necessary for music notation.

I saved the resulting *.MID file and loaded the file to my notation program. And voila, the multiple instruments recording of the song is completely and accurately notated! This program also works great when you want to change instruments of a recorded song, change tempo, etc. Simply load the saved midi file into a sequencer program and begin making changes.

Of course if you are a musician, IntelliScore can give you tremendous flexibility and save countless hours of notating your music for future use and possible sale. You can record a song to a .wav file and miraculously the program saves it as a midi file. As musical ideas come to your head, you'll be able to record, convert, process and print the results.

IntelliScore is a breathtaking piece of software that is on the cutting edge of audio technology.


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