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IntelliScore includes several tools to help you
learn the product, improve conversion results,
and troubleshoot issues.



  • View our video audio to MIDI tutorials for step-by-step demonstrations on how to use intelliScore.

  • For best results, review the Getting Started Guide in intelliScore's help topics.

  • The on-line help system provides for information on setting up intelliScore to work according to your preferences in the Options window.

  • Review the Recording Guidelines sections to learn how to record the best WAV files.

  • The New Project Wizard steps you through the process of preparing
    intelliScore to generate MIDI files and is designed to help you achieve the most accurate conversion results in the shortest amount of time.

  • Several sample audio files are included to give you practice using the software.

  • Tutorials are also included which applies the steps to some of the sample audio files included on the installation media.

  • Answers to the common issues are a just click away on intelliScore's menu bar.


Help System

IntelliScore contains extensive on-line help at several levels:

  • Getting Started Guide. The first time you use intelliScore, you may want to select "Help | intelliScore Help Topics." The first thing you'll see is the Getting Started Guide.

  • Quick Start Booklet. In full versions of intelliScore, a printable Quick Start booklet in Adobe Reader PDF format can be found in the intelliScore folder under the Windows Start menu.
    Get Adobe Reader

  • Solutions to General Issues. Find answers to common questions by selecting "Help | Solutions to General Issues."

  • General help. To access general help, select "Help | intelliScore Help Topics" from the Menu Bar, click on the Question Mark Icon on the Tool Bar, or press <F1>. The help file contains a wealth of information, such as tips for resolving general issues and wave recording guidelines.

  • Windows. For a general explanation of the use and functionality of a window, click the Help button on that window.

  • Settings. For an explanation of a particular control on a window, press <TAB> until that control obtains focus, then press <F1>.

  • Error messages. If an error message appears, you can often get more information about the error by pressing the Help button or <F1> key before dismissing the message box.



Issue: Run-time error '339'.

Solution: Other programs probably interfered with the installation of intelliScore. Perform these steps:

  1. Reboot your computer.
  2. Uninstall intelliScore by going to Start | Control Panel | Programs and Features.
  3. Reboot your computer again.
  4. Reinstall intelliScore.
  5. Reboot your computer again.


Issue: IntelliScore is not running properly on my Windows 7 or Vista computer.

Affects: All versions prior to 7.1 on Windows 7 or Vista operating system

Solution: Upgrade to the latest version of intelliScore. If you are a registered user of any previous version of intelliScore, you qualify for an upgrade to the latest version at a substantial discount. Click here for pricing information and to place an order.


Issue: I need technical support for Anvil Studio.

Solution: Please email your support requests for Anvil Studio directly to the Anvil Studio support team at or visit their support page.


Issues not listed above:

Your purchase of any product from Innovative Music Systems, Inc. entitles you to free technical support. If you have tried everything suggested in the on-line help and yet are still experiencing difficulties, feel free to ask us for assistance, to report bugs that are not documented in the help system, or to suggest software enhancements for future releases. You will usually receive a prompt and courteous response within 24 hours Monday through Friday. (Please include a description subject line to help ensure that your email does not get filtered out as potential spam. Please understand that due to security and copyright reasons, we cannot accept unsolicited music files through email.) To request assistance, please email

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