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IntelliScore functions:
music transcription
transcribe music
mp3 to score

Transcribe music and MP3 to score, make multi-track MIDI files from audio files using intelliScore.

IntelliScore is the world's only multi-instrument,
multi-drum automatic music transcription software



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 What People Are Saying  Partial Client List

If you are a member of the media and would like to review our products, please contact us.


"The plethora of functions and the ease of use put Operating Intelliscore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter one the list of the most coveted software of its kind. Well equipped for professionals and easy to understand and use for beginners, this is indeed one of the best apps of its kind."


"IntelliScore Ensemble WAV to MIDI Converter provides a complex collection of tools for dissecting a song or musical recording.... The program's best part was its capability to take any MP3 and convert it to a MIDI file.... It's impressive how the MIDI correctly recreates the original's notes and tempo, no matter what instrumentation you choose."

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"The product is powerful and professional as well as easy to use, designed for common users without computer skills, the interface is quite easy to operate with intuitive and self explained options. All process is done at minimal clicks."

File Cart

"Intelliscore Ensemble is a spectacular application for converting virtually all popular audio file formats to MIDI for easier transcription editing. This software is very intuitive and easy to navigate.... Definitely a valuable tool for any musician." FileCart


"IntelliScore Ensemble listens to prerecorded or live music (in WAV, MP3, WMA, or CD format) comprised of several different instruments, and helps create a multitrack MIDI file containing the notes played, broken down by instrument." EQ Magazine (now part of Electronic Musician),
Tool Box


"Designed to help reduce time spent transcribing, intelliScore Polyphonic 'listens' to prerecorded music (WAV, MP3, or CD format) and creates a MIDI file -- containing the notes played, likely chord names, and overall key -- that's suitable for notation, editing, and playback." Keyboard Magazine

Shareware Music Machine

IntelliScore was the 29th most downloaded program on Shareware Music Machine out of over 4500 titles.


"I can admit with no hesitation that intelliScore Ensemble is a great musical audio file converter, very helpful and easy-to-use software."

ZD Net

"IntelliScore is a dynamic, easy-to-use WAV to MIDI file converter that takes musical input from an audio CD, a tape recording, a record, or a WAV file and produces sequencer-ready MIDI files... With adjustable parameters such as pitch, timing, and dynamics, this converter is a valuable tool for musicians, publishers, arrangers, and teachers who work with sheet music or MIDI files..."

"Intelliscore Polyphonic is a high-concept piece of software, yet very easy to use. It can take a WAV file and then translate the chords and notes into a MIDI file for regular MIDI use. The actual program takes up only a small part of your desktop and is presented nicely... Good, quality stuff."


"The Project Wizard steps you through the process of preparing intelliScore for generating MIDI files and is designed to help you achieve the most accurate recognition results in the shortest amount of time."

"Editing your project is easy as well, giving you full access to adjust the timing, pitch, dynamics, and range."

Rocket Download

"This program is a WAV to MIDI converter specially designed for those who need a simpler way to notate or process digital music... IntelliScore Polyphonic doesn't require a lot of technical knowledge and will work with any type of WAV file... As musical ideas come to your head, you'll be able to record, convert, process and even print the results."

Electronic Musician

"Version 5.0 of Intelliscore provides enhanced pitch- detection algorithms. The program can now derive MIDI data from stereo polyphonic audio tracks and adds support for a wider variety of audio formats, bit depths, and sample rates." Electronic Musician

Moj Mikro

"Even though I didn't expect good results I was surprised how accurate detection was for single instrument WAV files....I think intelliScore is really breakthrough software that is still developing and it is on the edge of this technology." Moj mikro, Slovenia's leading PC magazine

Music Dish

"Intelliscore Music Recognition Software -- Giving You Two Times as Much as the Competition with Polyphonic Conversion." Interview with Joe Kohler, President of Innovative Music Systems, by Michele Wilson-Morris. MusicDish

Jazz Improv

"IntelliScore does an impressive job of figuring out what chords are being laid down...and can extract the subtlest notes out of polychords....It does an excellent job at guessing the key, deciding ranges and filtering out cymbal crashes and drums." Jazz Improv, Vol. 2, Number 3

Beat Mode

"It is very easy to get up and running and get useful results with Intelliscore.... Intelliscore can be utilized as a compositional aid for generating new ideas."

Home Recording

"This music recognition software listens to prerecorded music (in WAV or MP3 format) and creates a MIDI file that contains the notes played, the likely chord names, and the overall key...."
Home Recording

tech tv

IntelliScore was mentioned on the TechTV cable network's show "Call for Help"

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  • Singer-Songwriter and SAG Actress Marneen Lynne Fields uses intelliScore for all of her film score music and songwriting needs.

  • "As a result of six years, Innovative Music Systems (IMS) pretends creating the ultimate polyphonic pitch technology for MP3 to MIDI and WAV to MID conversion." P-ART Journal / 67

  • "The people at Innovative Music Systems have done something that previously was not possible. Their new IntelliScore Music Recognition System instantly converts music CDs and WAV to MIDI data! Now you don’t have to tediously enter part-by-part of your song into a MIDI notation software program. Implement the intelliScore software, throw in any standard notation program, and wow... you have your song in musical score!" William Bellou, Almadeen Times Weekly

  • "[IntelliScore is] both affordable and intuitive... The audio to MIDI wizard makes it possible even for a beginner to use effectively... I have looked at other programs that claim to do similar types of things, but intelliScore is hands-down at the top of this field!" Endorsement by Joey Stuckey, guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, radio personality, and sound engineer.

  • "[IntelliScore CD to MIDI converter] is a real breakthrough in simplifying the normally tedious, and often time consuming process of music notation..." Article by John Mark Garrison, intelliScore user and founder of Daisy Day Records

  • From WAVE to MIDI, by Chris Laarman, DOS Users Group of the Hobby Computer Club, Netherlands Top of Page

 In the News

IntelliScore News Feed
June 14 IntelliScore Ensemble adds drum to MIDI capability to automatic music transcription software
November 30 IntelliScore Ensemble multiple-instrument MP3 to MIDI, WMA to MIDI Converter released
June 30 IntelliScore Polyphonic 6.1 MP3 to MIDI, WAV to MIDI Converter released
September 19 IntelliScore 4.0 adds real-time audio to MIDI conversion
October 31 Intelliscore WAV to MIDI conversion technology receives patent
May 9 Music recognition software frees musicians to be more creative
November 19 IMSysInc announces intelliScore WAV to MIDI converter software

Wind Jewel

IntelliScore technology is utilized in Wind Jewel, an input device providing hands-free computer control or MIDI harmonica.
i-Mode Developers Guide A 6-page tutorial for converting audio to MIDI for cell phone ringtones is included in the "i-Mode Developers Guide," pp. 439-444.
Using Audition A trial version of intelliScore is included on the supplement CD with "Using Audition," an invaluable guide to producing the best-sounding audio tracks from the first recording to the final mix.
Windows XP Bible IntelliScore was mentioned in the "Using and Creating Digital Media" section of Alan Simpson's comprehensive reference book "Windows XP Bible."
Testkorpus IntelliScore was evaluated in the Ramon Schalleck master's thesis "Testkorpus für automatische Transkriptionssysteme" (Test Corpus for Automatic Transcription Systems)

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What People Are Saying

Here are some of unsolicited comments that musicians around the world have said about intelliScore. If you would like to add your comments to this page, please email them to

"I am a producer of electronic music, and your program is awesome for ripping MIDI from songs for remixes."

Kevin K., West Warwick, Rhode Island, USA


"This product is truly innovative and I am hoping to avoid buying a guitar synth by using it instead."

Rajiv M., Bloomingdale, Illinois, USA


"I am a professional musician (35 yrs) with an extensive career and recording track record and I use this software extensively in my recording, composing, transcribing and editing processes."

James P., North Chicago, Illinois, USA


"I am a beat maker, and I have used your product to make some music, even though I don't know how to play any instruments. I think it's great! I sing the beat in my head into a microphone, then convert it to midi, put it into protools, and add sounds from my synthesizer! :)"

Marco A., West Palm Beach, Florida, USA


"This program is awesome. I thought intelliScore Polyphonic had 'lost its mind' - wrong key on a song - but it was right. The musicians' instruments were tuned off key and they recorded the song on the CD off key."

Al G., Pickens, South Carolina, USA


"[I] am basically blown away. It's great....I have tested some MP3s which are big band type arrangements, as well as some Peter Nero jazz piano stuff which has driven me nuts for years in the sense of not really being able to figure out to my satisfaction all that he does....IntelliScore gobbles the whole thing up beautifully, better than I ever could have expected."

Mark C., Plantation, Florida, USA


"I worked with [intelliScore] on a guitar piece by Baden Powell called 'Deve Ser Amor'. I haven't been satisfied with the standard notation or tablature available for this and similar songs. They are generally over-simplified... I can't tell you how amazed I was after the first effort to convert an MP3 file to MIDI. I won't say it is perfect, but so far, I haven't been able to find a material difference between the [MIDI] producted by intelliScore and the music as played by Powell."

Richard F., Moorpark, California, USA


"Quick enough, relatively simple, and successful. Who could ask for more?... IntelliScore is the first and only program to provide practical, polyphonic [music transcription] of sung or played music."

David B., Jerusalem, Isreal


"Go to: There are three music samples there, and this software was the only software that enabled me to make accurate midis from these MP3s, so I could make them into sheet music. This software is essential to anyone who wants to make CDs or do anything with music on their computer!"

Matthew P., USA


"As a musician, I often need to cover other artists' tunes. In the kind of music I do there are not always sheet music versions. I have spent hours using tape recording at 1/2 speed. I use intelliScore to help cut that time down."

Tom F., McLean, Virginia, USA


"My interest in intelliScore originally came about because I had a conversation with someone about whether [automated music transcription] was possible. I was of the opinion that it wasn't possible. That is no longer my opinion."

Martin K., Normanton, West Yorkshire, England


"This is a very good program that has uses you cannot imagine. I have actually improved my singing skills because of it.... All in all this is a terribly fun product to play with."

Jim H., Pascagoula, Mississippi, USA Top of Page


Partial Client List

Thousands of individuals and institutions across the world use intelliScore. Here is a small sampling of some of them:

Access Multimedia Lyon, France
Amusica Ashgrove, Australia
Bartok Conservatory Of Music Toronto, ON, Canada
Booker T. Washington Magnet High School Montgomery, AL
Cedar Ridge Baptist Church Galena, MO
Fourseas Record Taichung, Taiwan
Gannaway Music Farm Auckland, New Zealand
Golden Gate Rhythm Machine San Francisco, CA
Hearhere Sound Services Quilcene, WA
Hills Alliance Church Baulkham Hills, NSW, Australia
Jbs Music, Inc. Naples, FL
LLR Gospel Music, Inc Broomfield, CO
Maryland Ensemble Theatre Frederick, MD
Matthew 25.34-40 Ministries San Diego, CA
Modern World Studio Las Vegas, NV
Musikborsen Vasteras Vasteras, Sweden
Musikschule Arbon Winden, Switzerland
New Covenant Church East Meadow, NY
Newark Public Schools Newark, AR
North Yorkshire Web Sites Langthorpe, York, Great Britain
Northeastern State University Tahlequah, OK
SNPmusic Sacramento, CA
Sonic Tonic Montreal, QC, Canada
St. Gabriel the Archangel Church McKinney, TX
The Word Worship and Discipleship Center Inverness, FL
Tudor Entertainment & Media Services Trenton, ON, Canada
Universidad de Costa Rica San Jose, Costa Rica
University of Notre Dame Band South Bend, IN

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