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This news was originally published on PRWeb.

Music recognition software frees musicians to be more creative

Innovative Music Systems, Inc. (a.k.a. IMSysInc) announced today its release of an improved version of its groundbreaking Intelliscore music recognition software, which converts polyphonic music recordings to midi format. Intelliscore uses a patent pending process to automatically figure out what notes are present in prerecorded music. Previously, a musician’s only option was to play recordings repeatedly at slow speeds and transcribe by hand -- time they might otherwise spend being creative.

Joe Kohler, President of IMSysInc, stated: “Since the release of Intelliscore version 2.0, hundreds of musicians have graciously given us suggestions for making Intelliscore even better. With the release of version 3.0, musicians will see major improvements in terms of accuracy and ease of use. This, in turn, will ultimately lead to greater productivity.” Buying Intelliscore has also become easier. “Customers can now order online at our website and receive the software only minutes later via email,” said Kohler.

Among Intelliscore’s improvements are a wizard that steps users through the process of preparing Intelliscore to generate midi files and the ability to record music directly into the software. To improve accuracy, Intelliscore also contains 95 instrument filters each programmed with the characteristics of a specific musical instrument.

IMSysInc, a music software publishing company located in Coral Springs, Florida, USA, is the leader in music recognition technology. Its mission is to develop innovative, quality products that help musicians be more creative and productive, as well as have fun. Go to to obtain more information about IMSysInc as well as a working model of Intelliscore.


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