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IntelliScore functions:
convert audio to midi
cd to midi

IntelliScore is an audio to MIDI and CD to MIDI converter for music notation, music transcription, making a multi-track MIDI score
and live performance.

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IntelliScore multi-instrument MP3 to MIDI converter and music transcription software. Free download.

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You can obtain a PAD file, containing a description of intelliScore Ensemble audio to MIDI converter, at Top of Page


IntelliScore accepts several audio file formats, including CD, wave, MP3, WMA, AIFF and AAC. Some of the resources below can help you obtain or record audio files in these formats. After using intelliScore to convert audio to MIDI, several of the resources below can convert that MIDI to forms you may find useful, such as music notation and tablature.

Format Converters

  • TablEdit - To convert the MIDI files generated by intelliScore to tablature, try TablEdit - create, import, edit, print and listen to tablature and standard notation for guitar and an assortment of other instruments

  • MP3 Recorder Software - Audio recorder software reviews and trial downloads. Records audio streaming into MP3, wave, WMA and OGG Vorbis files


  • Anvil Studio - Award-winning MIDI sequencer and notation software from Willow Software

  • LoopBe1 - This software-only MIDI device driver is useful for routing MIDI output back in as MIDI input, like a virtual patch cable. Free for non-commercial use.

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