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Joey Stuckey

Endorsement of intelliScore Audio to MIDI Converter
by Joey Stuckey is published at

If you are like me you have at times needed an audio file turned into a MIDI file for one reason or another.  Usually, itís the easiest way to make sheet music out of an existing audio file or maybe you want to turn one of your original compositions into a cellphone ringtone.

Well, this technology has not been very easy-to-use or understand - until now!

Innovative Music Systems has a program called intelliScore Polyphonic 6.2 that makes this process: that of converting audio to MIDI - both affordable and intuitive.

Donít get me wrong, this program works best if you are an experienced MIDI user, but the Audio-to-MIDI Wizard makes it possible even for a beginner to use effectively.

intelliScore is polyphonic so it can handle more than one sound at a time, though one sound at a time still works best (i.e. less editing of audio or midi information).

I have looked at other programs that claim to do similar types of things, but intelliScore is hands-down at the top of this field!

IntelliScore is endorsed by Joey Stuckey, a blind guitarist, singer, songwriter, composer, producer, radio personality, and sound engineer.

At the age of seventeen he began his musical career by taking classical guitar lessons from noted music professor Terry Cantwell.

At the age of twenty-one he released his debut album "Take A Walk In the Shadows." Stuckey's intuitive knowledge about blending musical styles and sounds into a cohesive format that really speaks to the listener attracted legendary musicians such as Savannah's great bassist, Ben Tucker, violinist for Kansas and The Smashing Pumpkins David Ragsdale; guitarist for the Outlaws and Lynard Skynard, Hughie Thomasson and many others to participate in his first project.

Stuckey and his band have opened for legendary rockers like Ted Nugent, Bad Company and Wet Willie. In his other roles as either producer, composer, sound engineer or hired musician, Stuckey has worked with musical greats like Hughie Thomasson (from Leonard Skynard and the Outlaws), Jimmy Herring (from The Aquarium Rescue Unit and Frog Wing), David Ragsdale (from Kansas and the Smashing Pumpkins), Randall Bramblett (from Traffic, Steve Winwood Band and Gregg Allman Band), Connie Haines (from Harry James and The Tommy Dorsey Orchestras), Clarence Carter and Sammy Nestico (composer/arranger for Frank Sinatra and the Count Basie Orchestra). 

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